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Her Master’s Slave


Born into nobility, sold into slavery, Antonia Aliana’s life takes an unexpected turn. 

As if one homicidally inclined husband isn’t enough to contend with, Antonia Aliana finds herself shackled to an enigmatic and perhaps equally ruthless new master. Add to this his lecherous business partner and an unpredictable emperor; it’s hard to see how life can ever return to normal. Aliana’s future is suddenly very uncertain.

Have the gods forsaken her? Or, is she more than capable of saving herself?

    His was not a typically Roman face, she decided. Nor classically handsome. His nose appeared, at some point, to have been broken and had mended with a kink. And his lips, though generous, were not bowed or sensuous. Instead, they had a hardness about them that spoke of a man unaccustomed to indulgence.

    But Aliana suddenly found Dominicus beautiful. She remembered again how he made her feel when he’d touched her. Everything she should have felt with Brutus. And everything she never had. And everything she’d sworn to herself since, that she never wanted…

Her Master’s Slave is a fast paced, gripping romance story that takes readers deep into ancient Rome during the turbulent reign of Emperor Nero. It is the first book in the Ancient Historical Fiction series: Tales From Ancient Rome to Entertain & Enthral. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but Nero will be a familiar character in all subsequent Tales; bringing chaos, turmoil or salvation depending on his fancy and how bored, diabolical or amenable he happens to be feeling… ancient rome novels roman historical fiction romance novels

Roman Romance Books
Roman Romance Books

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A book with a woman on the cover.


Historical Romance Audio

Aquilea's Dilemma

The only thing more deadly than your love

Feisty heroine, Aquilea, has three simple duties: 

  • Tend to Rome’s sacred flame.
  • Conduct herself with the utmost decorum.
  • And, never let any man touch her.

Thanks to a troublesome Emperor Nero and her rugged bodyguard Helios, she’s about to fail at all three. 

    ‘How dare you speak to me of such things,’ she cursed, her voice shaking almost as much as her body. She’d never felt so insulted. Self-righteous indignation replaced her residual terror. ‘Don’t ever talk to me of such things again! How dare you!’ she spat. A frustration beyond explanation assaulted her. Tears spiked her lashes. ‘I’m a vestal virgin! How many times do I have to remind you!’ 

    Helios stood abruptly. On a groan of anguish, he fisted his hands to stop himself reaching for her. But nonetheless, he still just wanted to grab her. To throw her down and show her what he could give her. What she was missing. What she wanted from him. What he knew that she craved; even if she didn’t truly know it yet. The only thing for it was to offer himself to her. She could either accept him or reject him. Or slay him. 

He decided the risk was worth it…

Aquilea’s dilemma can be enjoyed as a stand-alone Ancient World Historical Romance  action adventure or as Book 2 in the series: Tales from ancient Rome to Entertain & Enthral. romance novels ancient rome novels roman historical fiction

Historical Fantasy Romance, Roman Historical Fiction
Historical Fantasy Romance, Roman Historical Fiction

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