Welcome to the World of Suzanne Ravelle Historical Romance NovelsWelcome to the World of Suzanne Ravelle Historical Romance NovelsWelcome to the World of Suzanne Ravelle Historical Romance NovelsWelcome to the World of Suzanne Ravelle Historical Romance Novels

Light-hearted, dark-themed Roman Romance Adventures. historical fiction historic romance writer romance novels

Tales from Ancient Rome to Entertain and Enthral

Suzanne Ravelle is a self-published author of sensual, action-packed Ancient Rome Romance Novels that can be read as stand-alone novels or books 1 & 2 of Tales from Ancient Rome to Entertain & Enthral.

If you enjoy fast-paced tales of passion, intrigue and danger in an ancient world setting, read on… historical fiction historic romance writer best historical fiction books

Her Master’s Slave

Historical romance set in Rome

“Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither is love.”

Read or listen to the trials and tribulations of young noblewoman, Aliana, when her scheming husband sells her. Somehow, she has to find a way to get her new master, Dominicus, to help her. In this passionate historical romance, our resourceful heroine is about to find out; love is a battlefield and victory is uncertain...


PROLOGUE: Rome AD: 62: Dawn of a Dark Day

‘Hold her down! Hold her down! Get a hold of that arm!’ 

Aliana choked on a scream of helpless rage as the smelly, heavy oaf pinned her arms to her side and plonked himself down on her ribs and stomach. Dealing with the sudden lack of oxygen on top of everything else added to her terror. Without thinking, she jerked her knee hard into his unprotected back.

‘Ooof! Bitch!’ 

Wincing and shrieking in fright, her body tightening in anticipation, Aliana flung her head to the side to avoid the blow of retaliation flying towards her.

'No!' The Slaver caught the oaf's balled up fist an eyelash from her face. 'Never damage the goods,' he snapped, flinging the hand away...

Aquilea's Dilemma

historical fantasy romance adventure

“If cupid comes calling… kill him!”

Embark on a fraught journey of self-discovery, eternal damnation and censure with tempestuous Vestal Virgin, Aquilea, and her rugged bodyguard Helios. In this ancient world historical fantasy romance, our haughty heroine is about to discover; the only thing more dangerous than her enemies, is love...

CHAPTER 1: Rome AD: 62: Promises of  Glory


The great hall of the Atrium Vestae bustled with the ceremony and pomp that always accompanied a new intake of novices. The blasts and toots of trumpets, interlaced with the clashing of cymbals, reverberated off the vaulted ceiling and windowless walls, and added to the noise of the proceedings and ceremonial chanting. 

Portia Aquilea could barely hear herself think; such was the din. She couldn’t remember it being quite such a racket in her day. But then, she reminded herself, as she looked around the crowded candle-lit hall, that was a long time ago. 

At the ripe age of thirty-five, Aquilea was now the oldest of the Vestales. She only had one more year in service to the Goddess Vesta. And then she was free to leave...

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Suzanne Ravelle has always loved historical romance novels and dreamed of one day writing her own – find out more about the author behind Her Master’s Slave and Aquilea’s Dilemma.

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